Sherryl Melynk

Sherryl Melynk of Manitoba
Writer's for Writers

I turn to artists who image Canada now: Artists who paint the Canadian landscape that seduces me. Artists who paint me seducing the Canadian landscape. Artists who sculpt the intimacy of my curves within the movement of the land. I find my identity in 'waiting to be born'.

LauraLee K. Harris positions me within the Canadian landscape by painting my breasts the contour of water. She arches my thigh brilliant with the seasons of sky. My shoulders sing flight toward the horizon. My face the shadow of sky. 'waiting to be born': Canada finds an essence in me. LauraLee K. Harris positions the landscape within me by painting grains of dust long as my hair, puddles of blue arms, a string of fingers. Her work provides an opportunity for me to move inside the landscape via the swells of her painting. I feel the landscape move inside me filling my gaps with a Canadian identity.

Canada enters me palpable and immediate. I enter Canada familiar and recognized. 'No Need to Hide' in the Grains of Wood: LauraLee K. Harris finds me contained by Canada and container of Canada. I am the grain of the Canadian landscape. My eyes talk the colour of wood. The hills of landscape stretch red, yellow inside me. We occupy one another as Canadian identity. I am landscape visualized within the strokes of 'No Need to Hide' in the Grains of Wood.