Available Paintings
1st Fire - Finding Home
2nd Fire - Back to The Traditions
3rd Fire - Rising Up With Turtle
4th Fire - Hunting Windigo
4th Fire - One of Peace One of Struggle
4th Fire - If The Rivers Run With Poison And Fish Become Unfit To Eat
5th Fire - Fracking Bones of a Culture
5th Fire - O Kanata - We Are A Village Rising INM
6th Fire - Creation Tears Tides and Moon Times
6th Fire - Generations of Empty Arms
6th Fire - The Abomination of Creation
6th Fire - Windigo Eats His Own
7th Fire - Awaking After The Great Sleep
7th Fire - Rebirth of a Nation
8th Fire - Bee Medicine
8th Fire - Saving Seeds
8th Fire - Seed Blown Prayers
8th Fire - Mending A Mother In The Language of The Dear (Dyptich)
She Holds Them All
Anishinabe ~ Echos of Creation
Anishinabe Kwewag
Dancing For Our Grandchildren
Dancing Into Balance
Facing The Future By Learning The Past
Flying Home On Beads of The Traded Past
Holding On
Keepers Of New Knowledge
Ma en gun Swims
Migration Of The Soul
Our Home And Native Land
Songs of The Ancients
Mining The Sacred
True North Strong And Free Is Weeping
Water Connection
Animikeeg and Nokimis Thunder Beings and Grandmother Moon
Transforming Indigenous Freedom
Spirits of Spring
See What I Dream
Choosing Family
Crow Shapeshifting Human
Grandmother Pulls Me
Into The Circle Of Life
Oh Canada
Rise Up
White Buffalo Peace
From Me To You
The Fourth Age of Skin, Waboose
Language Of The Loon
Finding Blue Jays Voice
Blue Roads Answering Prayers
Red Roads Protection
In The Silence Of Growing
Living In Harmony With Creation
Sunlit Shadow Sides
Scattered Lives
What The Tree Tells
Re-Awakening the Stories
Ancestors ~ Family Relations
Remember Me
Spirit Needs Sacrifice
To Hold Back Time
Do You See
Political Plays
Lessons of a Mother
Scarred and Wounded
Winter Song
Creation - A Spirit Place
From Four Corners We Come
Tree of Life
Sky Totem