Sacred Art at Sacred Heart CHS

A night of the Arts at Sacred Heart Catholic High School featuring the works and teaching of LauraLee K. Harris, an Artist Indigenous Mixed Blood who creates her Spiritual pieces on various woods using the grains and poetry as her Subject and Instinctual place of Inner Knowing. LauraLee K. Harris was Sacred Hearts Canadian Artist to study. Grades 11 and 12 were taken through the process of learning how to paint on wood and write poetry for their pieces, via the Visual Arts Director for the School; Luisa Capelet, who believes that honouring the living artists and connecting to their Vibe. To hear their voice and spirit and inspiration is a two way Spirit of Connectivity, Instruction and Giving back to the Artist while they are a Part of this world.

This video is in 2 parts :

1. Introduction and Interpretive Dance

2. Sampling of Student's Work with Poetry and Closing Remarks