The Students at the Sacred Heart Catholic High School, who studied the work of LauraLee K. Harris were led and instructed by Luisa Capelet, the The Visual Art Department Head. "My philosophy is to bring Canadian art awareness to the students and demonstrate that Canadian art is not just the Group of Seven." She became inspired with LauraLee's work in 2006, where she initiated the concept of the living and visiting artist to Saint Theresa of Lisieux Catholic High School in Richmond Hill, where she taught LauraLee's vision of painting on wood. Students created their work and powerpoint presentations of her work there.

On November 27th, 2008, parents and community members were invited to Sacred Heart Catholic High School where the student's studies culminated in a showcase of student art and poetry reading Exhibit, an interpretive dance, many guest speakers as well as an artist talk and poetry reading from the artist herself. Luisa Capelet worked long and hard between the months of September to November to create not only an evening of entertainment, where both media announcements were sent, where Roger's Television came and documented it, but most importantly students learned and created their own visions from within. The evening was captured on Video to mark the ending of a very successful collaboration between Teacher ; Students ; Artist.

Media Coverage of the exhibit

The Student Artwork