Cristina Soriano

On March 25 2004, Cristina Soriano sent me this email

Dear Ms. LauraLee,

my name is Cristina Soriano and I'm a cognitive linguistics graduate student at the University of Murcia (Spain). I'm currently writing my doctoral dissertation on the conceptual metaphors and metonymies that we use to represent the emotion anger in English and Spanish. I have found one of your pictures and a poem called "Anger"

and they both very nicely support some of the theses in my work, for which reason I would be very thankful if you would let me reproduce them in my dissertation (of course with all the appropriate references as regards authorship and copyright).

Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you'd like to receive further information on my work or myself.

Yours sincerely,

Cristina Soriano

Cristina Soriano Salinas
Dr. Cristina Soriano earned her PhD in cognitive linguistics in 2005 (University of Murcia, Spain) with a multidisciplinary (semantic and psycholinguistic) contrastive cognitive account of emotional language in English and Spanish. Her research interests focus on the metaphorical representation of concepts (primarily emotion concepts) and the empirical psycholinguistic validation of theory-driven cognitive claims. Dr. Soriano has been granted visiting scholarships at the University of Berkeley and University of Hamburg, where she received doctoral training in cognitive semantics. She's a member of the Spanish Cognitive Linguistics Association and the Researching and Applying Metaphor Association, has been part of a multidisciplinary research group on cognitive 2 linguistics since 2002, author of papers and editor of several publications in the field. Dr. Soriano worked for two years as a lecturer in the Translation Department of the University of Murcia, where she taught courses in linguistics, general and specialized translation. She currently works as a postdoctoral researcher at the Swiss Centre for Affective Sciences (University of Geneva), where she conducts psycholinguistic research on emotion concepts. She is also the general executive officer for the GRID study, a cross-cultural linguistic investigation of the meaning of emotions terms in most language families of the world, as well as responsible researcher for the Southern Spanish sample. Dr. Soriano is co-organizer of the NCCR Education and Training Program and she has ample experience in the management of international collaborations and multidisciplinary contrastive research.