SUNY Fredonia College - New York - Fall 2009

"Spoken Trees" was used in the third part of this Course.

INDS 105.01 Course Description:

Introduction to American Indian Studies introduces students to the multi-disciplinary nature of American Indian Studies. The course is divided into three parts with each part emphasizing a different set of knowledges and approaches to the study of American Indian cultures.

The first part of the course will examine the historical relationships between American Indians and the U.S. and Canadian Governments. Emphasis will be placed on changes in federal policies, and the importance of law in shaping American Indian geographies.

Part two of the course examines the politics of "Indian Country", the environment, changing Indian demographics, economic development, and international relations.

Part three will focus on cultural politics and will examine Indian ethnic identity, representations of Indians in movies and literature, and Indian self-expression through literature and other expressive forms.

Course Outline - see week 13/15